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GYA Girls 3 on 3 Basketball

Youth Athletics -
Fall Youth Athletics 22

PURPOSE: Provide an atmosphere that allows participants to become engaged and grow as individuals and basketball players.


- more touches per person, which will provide a better experience for everyone

- more space to allow more individual development

- the aforementioned format will provide a structure for a great experience with the hope to create high school basketball players

Format: Games will consist of 2 - 16:00 min halves with a running clock, with a 5:00 halftime. The clock will be stopped at 4:00 increments for substitutions. Rosters and Playing Time: One of the unique aspects of this league is the tremendous focus on development with the sole purpose to provide a great experience so the participants continue to play basketball. In order to promote growth for every participant there will be equal playing time. Before games the coaches create a playing time chart.
3x3 5th/6th Closed
District Office Gym
Thursdays, Aug 11 - Oct 27
6:30 - 7:30 PM

District Office Gym
Tuesdays, Aug 16 - Oct 25
6:00 - 7:30 PM

  No Class Sep 1, Oct 4, Oct 6, Oct 11 & Oct 13

Grades   5th - 6th

Price: $ 150 00

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