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  • Behind the Wheel

    Community Education has partnered with GPS Driver's Education to offer students the Behind the Wheel (BTW) test for the AZ State Driver license. In order to register students must have a current drivers permit. All students will be required to provide proof of successful completion of Driver Education prior to the Behind the Wheel course or students will not be permitted to take the class. For class requirement questions please contact the instructor directly at the appropriate High School campus *Please note that once a student has registered, the driving instructor will contact the student directly to arrange a drive date and time. Actual drive times will be determined by the instructor following the student's registration, and drive times are available within the date range of August 3rd, 2022 through May 26th, 2023. The days, dates and times displayed on the registration listing do not reflect the actual days, dates or times available to the student for driving. The dates of August 3rd, and May 26th are the beginning and end date of the current BTW school year session.
  • The Home Economist

    Savings & Spending Workshop - This workshop teaches the importance of saving for your later years (Retirement), emergency funds, and large purchases. Participants will learn the magic of compound interest and learn tricks and tips on how to make saving a financial habit. The spending portion of the workshop will teach the differences between necessities and luxuries, provide examples of personal cash flow statements, and discuss the psychology of spending. The class will also provide tips and tricks on how to avoid overspending, the importance of not comparing your situation to others, and living within your means. Investing & Protecting Your Assets Through Insurance - The investing portion of the workshop will teach the importance of making your money work for you through investing. The instructor will explain some of the more common investment vehicles such as real estate, REITs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. and the risks associated with investing. Additional topics include how buying a home is a worthwhile investment, and how to create a personal balance sheet and calculating one's net worth. This workshop will explain what insurance is, what types of insurance are available (e.g., health, auto, homeowner's/renter's, life, etc.), how insurance can protect you from financial disaster, the importance of shopping around for great rates, and reading the fine print. REGISTER FOR BOTH CLASSES USING THE "COMBO" WORKSHOP CLASS LISTING BELOW AND YOU CAN ATTEND BOTH THE APRIL 1ST AND APRIL 8TH WORKSHOPS AT A REDUCED RATE OF $45.00! PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU MUST SELECT THE COMBO OPTION TO RECEIVE THE REDUCED RATE!!