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Family Programming Fall
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About Family Programming Fall

Family Enrichment Programs for parents and their children create a supportive environment where families can learn and grow together. These programs offer a variety of activities and are designed to strengthen bonds, and create long lasting memories.

Featured Courses

  • Augusta Ranch "Tee Time Together" Family Golf Lessons

    Join us for a unique and enjoyable family bonding experience on the greens with our "Tee Time Together" family golf lessons. Designed for parents and kids to learn and play golf side by side, this interactive class offers a fun-filled opportunities to connect while mastering the fundamentals of the game. Under the guidance of Augusta Ranch Golf's experienced instructors, families will receive personalized instruction tailored to their skill levels whether they're complete beginners or seasoned players. Beyond honing individual skills the "Tee Time Together" lesson emphasizes the importance of teamwork, communication and sportsmanship. Families will also experience the latest in golf technology with Toptracer. Toptracer is the #1 Range Technology in Golf that offers games, and insights that can help improve your game and up the fun factor! Come tee up with some quality family time and create lasting memories on the range with our Family Golf Lessons!